• Dust


    Dust extraction is one of the typical applications of Delfin's industrial vacuum cleaners. Thanks to large filters and effective cleaning systems of our industrial vacuums can suck up even the finest dust. Click to discover the range or request a free quote!
  • Liquid / Solid

    Liquid / Solid

    Suck up liquids (water, oil , emulsion, etc.)even mixed with solids or powders is the work for which Delfin's wet & dry industrial vacuum cleaners were engineered. With a Delfin wet and dry vacuum cleaner, vacuuming liquids has never been easier. Ask for a free quote!
  • Solids


    The recovery of solids , granules, pebbles or polymers can be made with almost any Delfin industrial vacuum. However it is important to choose the correct industrial vacuum according to the quantity and characteristics of the material as well as the specific requirements of the application.

  • Oil / Shavings

    Oil / Shavings

    Delfin industrial vacuum for oil and shavings is an essential machine for any mechanical industry. Thanks to the Tecnoil range of vacuum cleaners it is possible to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of machine tools quickly and effectively. Click to discover the range or request a quote!
  • Fumes and airborne dust

    Fumes and airborne dust

    The extraction of welding fumes and the filtration of airborne dust or particles not only allows you to maintain clean the work environment but especially guarantees the safety of the operator, capturing the fumes or powders which are potentially harmful to the health directly at the source. Click Here to Discover the range or request a free quote!
  • Fine, toxic or hazardous dust

    Fine, toxic or hazardous dust

    Vacuuming fine or toxic dust is a daily operation on the agenda of Delfin's industrial vacuum cleaners. By using certified class L, M , H ( HEPA) filters and effective systems for the collection / disposal of dust , you can always operate safely with aDelfin industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • Operations in ATEX rated areas

    Operations in ATEX rated areas

    In order to operate safely in an ATEX classified environment you need an industrial vacuum cleaner ATEX certified for the proper risk area, which is equipped with all the technical features necessary to ensure the safety of the operator and the work environment. Click to discover the range or contact us for more info!
  • Scraps and Residues

    Scraps and Residues

    Delfin is the partner chosen by many OEMs for the integration of vacuum systems on their machines. From the machines for cutting aluminum to bottling machines , up to the surface preparation machines all need a Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner. Ask for a free consultancy!

What do you need to vacuum?

What do you need to vacuum?Every Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner is able to vacuum any type of material, from fine dust  to liquids or oil, there are no materials that our industrial vacuum cleaners cannot collect. Delfin has an extensive range, comprising more than 100 different models of industrial vacuum cleaners, in multiple product lines, each uniquely defined by many technical details that make it ideal for the suction of one material rather than another.We therefore recommend some industrial vacuums for the suction and separation of lubricant oil and shavings (chips , metal shavings , plastic , or other materials ), some other vacuum cleaners for the filtration of welding fumes, oil mist or gas, and others still which were specifically created on the unique needs of our customers.In the end, whether you have to vacuum dust, liquids, solids , polymers or any other type of material in any form or quantity, Delfin can help you. Click the button corresponding to the material you need to recover or request a free quote. Our sales team will contact you to recommend the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs.