Suction accessories.

With the right Accessory And a Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner every cleaning job becomes easy and fast. Delfin provides all the necessary Accessories for the operation of their industrial vacuum cleaners: Hoses, Accessories for manual cleaning And Accessories for cleaning the floor. Accessories are available in different materials, such as rubber, silicone and stainless steel in order to suit any type of application and industry, from pharmaceutical industry to food industry, mechanical industry or nuclear power stations. Specifically designed to maximize the functionality of each model, Delfin original accessories increase the comfort and the efficiency of use of a Delfin vacuum cleaner. Manual accessories are ideal for precise cleaning tasks or for difficult to reach spots, helping the operator for specific tasks. These can be used in cleaning process machinery in laboratories, rather than to reach ravines impervious or withdraw inside grilles or high piping fixed on the ceiling.

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Suction accessories


for general or specific use

Preseparator with trolley


for increases the autonomy of the vacuum cleaner

Flexible hoses for industrial vacuum cleaners


Among all the Accessories for suction, The choice of the correct hose is fundamental to allow an easy and correct use of the industrial vacuum cleaner.
Depending on the nature of the material to be withdrawed, the distance to be covered and the necessary flexibility it is necessary to choose the hose most suitable for the purpose.
Delfin offers a wide choice of hoses, made of different materials and features, in order to fullfill any cleaning need in industrial environments.

Accessories for dust, liquids and solids


A Delfin vacuum cleaner can be customized to fullfill at 100% the customer needs. The use of Original accessories enhance the functionality of the vacuum cleaners, thus increasing comfort and efficiency of use of each model. Accessories for manual cleaning, Accessories for floor cleaning, specific accessories for application, disposable bags.

Original spare parts for Delfin indsutrial vacuum cleaners


Spare parts for each model always available and quick deliveries. Warehouse of 5,000m². Delfin official spare parts allow to maintain over time the value and the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

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