Industrial vacuums for use in welding applications

Industrial vacuum cleaners can have different functions during welding operations. Generally, the vacuum cleaner removes the fumes generated by the industrial welding. However, there are specific applications - such as suction and recovery of welding flux from submerged arc welders- which require an industrial vacuum cleaner with specific features.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for Mig-Mag welders

MIG/MAG welding cause the release of some fumes which can be harmful to the operator, if breathed. Delfin vacuum cleaners for MIG/MAG welders start operating together with the welding machine and remove from the source all fumes and sparks produced by the welder in total safety. This can be achieved thanks to the various specific filters installed on these machines.

Vacuum cleaners for welding flux recovery

A large amount of flux is employed by submerged arc welding machines during welding operations. The re-purchase costs and the time needed to reintroduce the used flux can be reset thanks to the use of Delfin vacuum cleaners for arc welding flux recovery: modular and powerful, these machines can be directly installed on the welding system.

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