Dust extractors for localized suction

Dust collectors allow the suction of suspended dust in the working environment. The best way to guarantee operators' maximum security is to prevent the spread of dusts in the environment: the localized suction of powders directly from the source is the most effective and safe solution. To guarantee the suction of fine dusts suspended in the environment, dust collectors must be equipped with filters with the following features: large surface; high filtration efficiency; handy filter cleaning system. These features are essential to obtain the best performance.

Wheeled dust collectors to be used in dedusting plants

Wheeled dust collectors equipped with : powerful electric fans - which generate high airflow rates - ; polyester filters - large surface; handy filter cleaning systems-; great collection capacity - from 35 up to 160 liters. Ideal for installation on dedusting and air purification plants.

Dust collectors with extraction arm

Wheeled dust collectors with extraction arms for localized suction on workbenches. High air flow, large polyester filters, integrated filter cleaning system and great collection capacity.

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