Centralized Vacuum System

A centralized vacuum system allows the suction of dust and solids through a series of pipes that can be mounted anywhere in the workshop. Delfin centralized vac systems allow to aspire materials even from multiple suction points simultaneously, depending on the power and features of the suction unit and to the specific work conditions. Each built in vacuum system must be designed considering the specific size and characteristics of the area in which it has to be installed. Delfin has been designing, manufacturing and installing central vacuum systems for suction of powders and solids for 30 years, in any kind of industry, by being able to follow all the necessary steps of development.

Centralized vacuum systems, from A to Z.

Design, engineering and installation of centralized vacuum systems for:
cleaning and maintenance
dust control
integration on production lines
improve of efficiency

Suction unit for centralized systems


for centralized vacuum systems

Filter unit for centralized systems


for centralized vacuum systems

Components for centralized systems


for centralized vacuum systems

Centralized vacuum units for central systems


A centralized vacuum system withdraws in order to increase the efficiency of the plant. The suction unit has to be chosen wisely, taking in consideration many factors, such as the material to be withdrawed, the number of suction points and the distances to be covered. Delfin manufactures fixed or mobile suction units up to 25kW of power, with several options available such as remote control and the full personalization of the electrical panel for special functions.

Pre-separator with filter for central vacuum systems


Industrial vacuum systems for fine dusts require high levels of filtration to ensure the efficiency of plant operations. A Delfin central vacuum cleaner can be provided with high efficiency filter units (with HEPA filters installed) and high filter surface in order to minimize machine stops and performance reduction during long operations.

Collection unit for the sucked material centralized vacuum system


The use of a centralized system is the efficient solution for the collection of the material withdrawed. Each system can be equipped with the proper collection system, making easier to dispose of the sucked materil: extractable containers, BI.BO., Endless Bag systems, rotary cells for continuous discharge are only some of the solutions for the management of the collected dust.

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