Single phase Wet and dry
industrial vacuum cleaners for dust and liquids

Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners for dust and liquids are conceived for non-continuous cleaning and general applications in productive areas. The single-phase range of vacuum cleaners combines extreme sturdiness and quality with handiness and compactness; it is ideal to be moved across working areas.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids

Compact and powerful industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids equipped with 1, 2 or 3 single-phase bypass motors. The capacity goes from 50 to 120 liters; there are several levels of filtration to fulfill any need in terms of liquids recovery and discharge.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for dust

Compact and handy industrial vacuum cleaners with 1 or 2 single-phase motors. Suitable for any kind of dust thanks to large surface filters, different filtration levels availability and many manufacturing optionals.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for mixed applications

Single-Phase vacuum cleaners for wet & dry applications. 2 or 3 single-phase motors and large collection capacity. Ideal solution for general cleaning in industrial environments.

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