Industrial vacuum cleaners for scraps and wastes for OEM, packaging and production lines

Production managers' priority is to avoid product contamination. Vacuum cleaners for industrial waste and chips avoid the dispersion of production debris on production lines and minimize processing downtimes necessary to remove and clean the machinery. The direct suction on the machine helps to guarantee top quality production and minimizes unplanned downtimes.

Vacuum cleaners for chips and scraps

Cutting operations in textile industry, paper mills and in packaging operations often cause chips release. These chips must be removed from the source to avoid production downtimes . Vacuum cleaners for scraps are characterized by great collection capacity, great mobility and by compact dimensions, in order to be used directly on production machinery.

Fixed suction units for direct extraction on production machinery

Fixed suction units for direct extraction on production machineries are the ideal solution to remove solid or liquid materials from the source during production cycles. Extremely compact, vertically and horizontally designed, these machines are easy to install and to integrate on pre-existing or highly automated production lines.

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