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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register my industrial vacuum cleaner?
It's simple, really. The registration helps you by helping our Customer Service access all the necessary info on your industrial vacuum cleaner, giving us the possibility to offer you a faster and more efficient service. The faster we get these info, the faster our Authorized Resellers can come and help you in case of need.
Where can I find the info concerning the warranty of my product?
The warranty info are attached to each Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner. Inside the machine's packaging you will find the Instructions Manual and the warranty certificate
Where can I find the model code and serial number?
All of Delfin's industrial vacuum cleaners have a sticker ( an aluminum plate for older models) on which you can find the model code and the serial number. The sticker is usually positioned on the filter chamber of the machine.
Who should I contact for general or assistance related questions?
For questions concerning the warranty of your industrial vacuum you can contact your Delfin preferred retailer or directly our Customer Service T. +39 011 800 55 00 . Make sure you have got the serial number of the machine for which you are requiring assistance handy.

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