Industrial chips collector

The manufacturing and cutting processes of wood, aluminum and PVC entail the release of small shavings. These shavings must be constantly removed to keep the production plants efficient. Delfin chips collectors stem from the need to keep the production lines clean and working. The suction of wood, PVC and aluminum chips should be carried out from the source directly on the processing machine before it can spread or accumulate in the working environment. Vacuum cleaners for wood, PVC and aluminum chips are easily transportable and can be integrated on pre-existing production lines. Chips collector have a great collection capacity - from 35 up to 160 liters- and an excellent suction capacity, thanks to the high power of the electric fans they are equipped with.

Industrial chips collector with manual filter cleaning system

Great suction capacity of volatile chips, large polyester star filters and handy, manual integrated filter cleaning system.

Industrial chips collector with automatic filter cleaning system

Industrial chips collectors with very high air flow and depression values. This machine is ideal for the continuous direct extraction of chips on production machinery. The reverse pulse automatic filter cleaning system and the great collection capacity permit the continuous suction of wood, aluminum and PVC chips by eliminating production inefficiencies.

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