Delfin Mission & Values

Delfin was founded over 25 years ago by the passion of its founder, Antonino Siclari, for the industrial vacuum sector.

Since then he has never stopped working to offer its customers innovative and efficient solutions at the top of quality and design and he solves vacuuming problems for professionals and industries throughout the world. From innovative and courageous business decisions, the company is the only industrial organization capable of providing a truly service to 360 degrees in industrial aspiration. Thanks to a range with more than 100 models, the company acts as the sole interlocutor for every need, ensuring the right solution for every application sector.






Dirt, dust, powders,liquids and other contaminants threaten product purity, employee safety, and the overall efficiency of your operations during the manufacturing process. Delfin Industrial Vacuums helps you choose the right industrial vacuum system ( mobile, centralized or other) to prevent risks and improve your productivity.

Our team of factory-trained sales managers is at your service to understand your needs and recommend the right suction unit for you.

Conveying mixes, compounds and materials in a production cycle, the safe extraction of hazardous materials such as explosive powders, inflammable liquids and toxic substances. There is no impossible application for Delfin’s industrial vacuums and our centralized vacuum systems.

Plus, as a real manufacturer Delfin has the possibility to internally design and customize its machines, in order to meet the end user requirements. This feature is partucularly appreciated by many leading OEM manufacturers around the globe, who have chosen Delfin for its flexibility and efficiency.


  • Top quality side channel blowers and total solid steel construction.
  • Reliable and silent machines
  • User friendly design
  • High-efficiency filtration systems and low-maintenance engineering
  • Certified filters
  • Compliance with international safety norms
  • ATEX certification
  • ISO 9001 certified quality process


Delfin is a company founded on strong values, such as competition, transparency, respect for people and the environment, dialogue and social cohesion.

We know that the performance of a company depends on the quality of the people who work for it. That is why Delfin enters into clear and long-term partnership agreements with its dealers, to improve competitiveness all over the world. That’s why DELFIN is now supplying 85% of its industrial vacuums production to foreign countries.

We are building a winning team, made up of the best manufacturer of industrial vacuums and the leading market distributors, to grow together and improve competitiveness on the global market.


Delfin always aims to customer care and it is committed to give fast and accurate support.

This ensure customers to have their doubts answered in 24-48 hours or less.

Delfin’s Corporate Training Division has been established to keep retailers up to date on the industrial vacuum cleaner market, improving their ability in meeting customer needs.

Furthermore, Delfin provides with each of its industrial vacuums a 2 years of warranty.

We work with

During the last 25 years, we have helped thousands of companies and professionals around the world to find the right solution for their Industrial Vacuum needs. We can always recommend the perfect solution which works for you. 



Delfin distributes its industrial vacuums worldwide, through a network of subsidiaries and sales partnerships with major players in the local market..



Do you need a special vacuum for your industry? We design and build customized solutions that suit your specific need..



Our approach advocates professionalism and expertise, always ready to meet customer needs.

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