Industrial vacuum solutions which Create value

Our Mission:
is to create innovative solutions to increase
Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

Every day we create innovative solutions to improve production efficiency, ensure safety and to increase productivity.

Today you can find us all over the world, with own subsidiaries and more than 250 partners and retailers, who represent our brand, supply our products and guarantee support in over 100 countries.

We believe in a business model that puts the customer at its core:
Through non-stop development of equipment and solutions, and continuous improvement quality standards, we have achieved customer trust and reputation for excellence in several industries worldwide.

Delfin always involves its customers from the early stages, when designing new services and equipment. We offer customised products and solutions responding to their specific needs, along with exclusive services to increase their satisfaction.

Every step of the process in the manufacturing of finished products is monitored meticulously: this has enabled us to achieve several among the most important quality certifications.

Thanks to our large warehouse in Italy, branch offices and partners worldwide, we can guarantee non-stop and fast availability of spare parts and accessories.

We provide our partners and customers with a dedicated Support Team,  ongoing training programs and fast delivery time of finished products. 






                                                                 Delfin never stops developing. 
We create value while keep growing with our customers.

We are a solid workpleace where people can give their best
We produce top quality, reliable and cutting-edge products
We represent a safe partner to rely on
We offer top service, consultation and collaboration standards

OUR VALUES                                   

  • CARE: We work every single day to meet customers needs and to allow them to increase their value.  Customers needs are our main priority.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our daily mantra is to satisfy customers and their needs. We think a satisfied customer is the best advertisement.

  • COMMITMENT: We give our total commitment and involvement in every single activity, since we believe this is the only way to continuous improvement.

  • EXPERTISE: Expertise and professionalism underlie our work.  We daily increase our stock of knowledge aiming at offering the best advisory service on the market.

  • INNOVATION: We constantly monitor trends and the evolution of the market. This way, we can offer customers smart solutions to create value.

  • PASSION: We love our products and our job and that's why we work every single day with enthusiasm.


Delfin story starts in 1991, close to the city of Turin, in Italy, where Mr. Antonino Siclari founded the company. Delfin has become a global player and one of the main producers of industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuuming solutions for dust disposal on the market.
As you can see from the timeline here below, we commited to bring to the market cutting-edge cleaning solutions and to develop our business by leading our partners on the sector.

Since then, Delfin never stopped working with the goal of offering its customers not only cutting-edge and well-functioning solutions, but also top quality and design products. Today, Delfin solves professionals and industries' vacuuming problems worldwide. Thanks to advanced and brave entrepreneurial choices, Delfin is the only industry able to supply a full service in the field of industrial vacuuming. With more than 100 models, Delfin can guarantee the right solution to each field of application.



A certified product is a safe product. Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 certification for quality and they are manufactured inside an environment-friendly production plant. All our industrial vacuums are 100% Made in Italy, CE certified and painted steel or with stainless steel construction to last over decades. Vacuum cleaners for specific and dangerous applications are certified to guarantee users' safety and the respect of current legislation:

  • Full range of Atex certified vacuum cleaners
  • Range of TUV certified vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners certified for the vacuuming of asbestos and dangerous dust
  • Large range of FDA certified accessories

Some references

Several companies with global brands and leaders on the market have chosen Delfin as their main supplier, since they trust the quality of our products and services. From the most simple industrial vacuum cleaners to more complex celtralized vacuum systems, Delfin can always find the perfect solution to your needs.



Delfin supplies its industrial vacuum cleaners all over the world, thanks to a net of branches and commercial partnerships consisting of the key players on the market.



Do you need a special vacuum for your sector? We can design and produce it by customizing your solution as you require.


Our approach to the customer is based on professionalism and expertiese. We are always ready to meet customers' needs with a specialized team.

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