ATEX Vacuum Cleaner and ACD Solutions for Safety in Working Environments

An ATEX-certified industrial vacuum cleaner must abide by some constructive features in order to prevent any ignition source. The vacuum cleaner must prevent the formation of static electricity and this goal can be reached by choosing constructive options such as grounding, antistatic filters, accessories for the suction of conductive materials, specific and certified engines to avoid overheating. ATEX certified vacuum cleaners are constructed to operate in full compliance with ATEX regulations in force, by ensuring maximum operational safety.

ACD Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: 1/-D marking

ACD industrial vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed by our technical team to ensure the collection of combustible dust in total safety in areas not classified as explosive atmospheres and where ATEX certifications are not required. They are equipped with two filtration levels, namely the M class antistatic filter and the standard HEPA absolute filter, to ensure maximum filtration efficiency and protect the engine by preventing explosion risks.

ATEX approved vacuum cleaners: ATEX 22 - Atex II 3D Marking

Industrial ATEX vacuum cleaners for use in areas with low risk of explosion due to the presence of potentially flammable dusts. Antistatic class M filters and grounding as standard. The inner chamber of the vacuum cleaner is ATEX zone 22 certified.

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