Industrial vacuums with high-performance lobe pumps for heavy industry

In order to keep the highest production efficiency and security standards, cement plants, foundries, steelworks, incinerators and power plants require powerful and effective cleaning tools.
DHV Delfin industrial vacuums make it easy and safe to remove and move large quantities of dusty or solid material.

Mobile industrial vacuums with removable container

High-performance vacuums easy to move thanks to forklift intakes. The disposal of the material is simple and high performing vacuuming.  These solutions are the most suitable for heavy duty even in different areas of a production plant. The discharge of the vacuumed material is safe thanks to detachable containers.

Semi-mobile industrial vacuums installed on an hopper

Very high performing system for localized discharge or for discharge in BIG BAG. Very high vacuuming performance and high filtering efficiency. These solutions are the most suitable to vacuum large quantities of material, even over long distances. Many discharge systems are available, even on a continuous cycle.

Stationary suction units 

High performance stationary suction units with lobe pump and soundproof cabin, characterized by great power, noiselessness and reliability. To be used in combination with filtering preseparators.

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