400 BL INERT  1/2D

  • Ceramics and pottery industries
  • Explosive and conductive dusts

The 400 BLINERT 1/2 vacuum cleaner is an Atex-certified vacuum cleaner for zone 20 inside the vacuum cleaner and use in zone 21, designed for the safe extraction of explosive and hazardous dust. 
The container is equipped with a dust inerting system that neutralises the dust by immersing it in a bath of inerting liquid as soon as it is sucked in. Inside the container, an innovative minimum level control system allows ignition only in the presence of liquid, ensuring maximum safety during use. The container, made entirely of stainless steel, is equipped with a polypropylene filter that separates the suctioned dust from the liquid inside. The filtered inert liquid can then be easily emptied using the discharge valve on the back of the vacuum cleaner.
The powerful brushless motor ensures continuous, maintenance-free use and protection by a hydro-oleo phobic cartridge filter. The 400BL vacuum cleaner is available with ATEX or IECEx certification.


  • Compact and mobile
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Stainless steel AISI304 collection tank
  • Easy to clean and to maintain
  • ATEX-certified Z22
  • Motor with very long service life
  • Inert liquid bath system for the safe discharge of explosive and conductive metal dust
  • Minimum level control system for the inerting liquid


Index Unit400BL INERT 1/2D
MarkingEx II 1/2D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Da/Db
VoltageV - Hz230 - 50 1-
Power kW1,1
Max water liftmmH₂O2250
Max air flowm³/h215
Suction inletmm50
1st stage filterPPL
2nd stage filter3x fiber filter
3rd stage filterBag
Surface and diameter3.100 - 420
Media, classPOLYESTER - ANT M
Fourth stage of filtrationHydro-oleophobic
Liquids capacitylt8
Dust capacitylt4
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