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The Pharma 40DC industrial vacuum cleaner is a compact, quiet and flexible unit designed for dust containment during operations with highly powerful HPAPI active ingredients. The construction, designed to provide maximum dust filtration and total operator safety, fully complies with GMP guidelines and all maintenance operations are carried out by using systems that guarantee maximum safety, making it suitable for work with pharmaceutical powders and guaranteeing maximum containment levels up to OEB5 (during production) and OEB4 (during maintenance). The polished AISI316 stainless steel cyclone separates 98% (maximum, tested with placebo dust) of the extracted dust without the use of a filter unit and with no maintenance required. The Wash in place optional is available for the internal cleaning of the unit. The remaining dust is retained by a HEPA absolute filter that can filter dust up to 0.18 microns with an efficiency of 99.995% (with the possibility of installing 2 more, one on the intake and one on the air outlet) and a Bibo (BagIn-BagOut) system, which allows the absolute filter to be replaced without coming into contact with the sucked-in dust.  A capacitive level probe signals when the container is full. The material is discharged into crimpable plastic containment bags that guarantee tightness and prevent any contact with dust even during disposal. Different motors are available to adapt the unit to different uses in the pharmaceutical production process with a vacuum relief valve equipped for motor protection. All parts in contact with pharmaceutical powders are made of AISI316 stainless steel, which is perfect for material flow and simplifies cleaning operations of the unit. The frame is made of AISI304 stainless steel. The Atex Z22 certified version of the unit is available on request.


  • Side channel blower motor , powerful and silent, totally maintenance free, suitable for continuous duty
  • Disposable bags for hazardous dusts safe disposal
  • Compact, silent, and flexible vacuum cleaner, ideal for suction on-board of machinery
  • Thanks to the cyclonic separator, it separates up to 98% of the dust before using the filter element
  • Clean in Place available as an option
  • Absolute filter H14 with BIBO type replacement, for changing without having to go to the technical room
  • Possibility of installing 2 additional HEPA absolute filters with BIBO filter replacement
  • Construction in polished AISI316 stainless steel for the parts in contact with dust, AISI304 for the structure


Index UnitPHARMA 40.40 DC
VoltageV - Hz400 - 50
Power kW4
Max water liftmmH₂O3200
Continuous water liftmmH₂O2600
Max air flowm³/h420
Noise level (EN ISO 3744)dB(A)69
Suction inletmmClamp 3"
Dust separationHigh efficiency cyclone
Maximum efficiency98%
OEB level production / maintenanceOEB4 / OEB5
HEPA filterEN 1822-5 - cm²H14 Cartridge - 20.500cm²
Collection unit
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