How to choose an hose for your industrial vacuum cleaner?

The choice of the right hose is essential to the simple and correct use of the vacuum cleaner in your industry.

According to the type of material to be vacuumed, the distance to be covered and the flexibility necessary to reach it, it is necessary to choose the most suitable tool for the job.

Delfin offers a wide range of suction hoses, characterized by different materials and flexibility, so as to satisfy in the best possible way every cleaning need.

Here is the list of Delfin flexible hoses in detail:
- EVAFLEX flexible hose in PVC
- flexible antistatic hose in PVC
- flexible antistatic hose for intensive industrial use
- polyurethane hose with stainless steel spiral, ideal for heavy duty industry (very strong)
- oil proof rubber hose, the ideal flexible hose for the mechanic industry and for specifically suctioning oil and chips
- steel flexible hose, ideal for the suction of incandescent material like ashes and dusts inside furnaces
- flexible hose made of silicone with spiral in glass fiber, designed for suctioning very hot material and to guarantee the best flexibility and comfort to the operator.

All Delfin flexible hoses can be provided with cuffs, even antistatic, with varying dimensions, from 2 up to 3 or more metres or from 15 to 30 metres hanks. The entire hoses range is always stowed in the warehouse and can be delivered with very short shipment time, generally in 24/48 hours from the order.

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