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Industrial vacuum cleaners for oven cleaning

The greatest risk for the food industry is food contamination. Preventing potential microbial and cross contamination is essential to avoid paying the heavy economic sanctions faced by those who do not abide by the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or fail to implement the HACCP protocol when setting up production processes.

In the food sector, the number one priority is to avoid food contamination.

Cleaning equipment and work tools is without doubt the best preventative measure, and industrial suction is perfect for the job.

In bakeries and pastry factories there are often residues - also incandescent - which can contaminate subsequent batches.
The main tool for producing bread and food tends to be the industrial oven, and it should always be cleaned meticulously to ensure products are of the highest quality.
Industrial vacuum cleaners for oven cleaning

Cleaning industrial ovens is an activity that needs to be carried out quickly and safely.
Most of the time, cleaning an industrial oven is risky due to two reasons:
- the high temperatures inside the oven and of the material to be removed (such as breadcrumbs, which can go above 200°C),
- the depth of the oven, which is impossible to clean thoroughly and efficiently without the right tools
industrial vacuum for oven cleaning: nomex 202ds


The 202 DS is perfect for sucking up food residue left behind in the oven.
The components of the 202 DS industrial vacuum cleaner make sucking up hot material up to 200 ° C completely safe.

- NOMEX filter, resistant to high temperatures
- thermal and antistatic accessories kit for hot material
- accessories for cleaning the back of the oven: steel oven extension with polymeric protection resistant to high temperatures up to 180 ° C
- totally antistatic system
- optional Atex certification

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