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Industrial vacuum cleaners for removing asbestos

The reclamation and disposal of asbestos-containing materials is regulated by specific decrees which define all the regulations with which companies in the sector must comply.

The removal and disposal of asbestos consists of dismantling the manufactured artefacts and isolating the material in approved packaging, before transporting it to the landfill. The risk of toxic emissions from asbestos fibre material is thereby radically and permanently eliminated, and the same operation can be carried out in public, private or industrial buildings.

Any type of work on materials that contain asbestos - from dismantling walls and roofs, to sanding and scarifying floors - generates large amounts of asbestos dust. In addition to being a serious health hazard for the workers, there is a risk of it being dispersed into the surrounding environment.
Industrial vacuum cleaners for removing asbestos


These industrial vacuum cleaners, single phase or three phase , are fitted with two filters as standard, consisting of a primary filter and second class H filter (HEPA or absolute), to ensure maximum filtration and guarantee the safety of both the workers and the environment.

Safe bagging systems using bags approved for toxic waste to collect the dust, as well as the Endless Bag safe bagging system, make bagging asbestos considerably easier, as the bags can be taken away and disposed of avoiding any direct contact with the dust.

dg 50 exp asbestos industrial vacuum for asbestos dust


To solve the problem of how to remove asbestos dust safely, Delfin engineered a product precisely for this purpose. The DG 50 EXP ASBESTOS vacuum comes as standard with:
- large surface Class M polyester filter
- HEPA absolute filter
- vacuum cleaner for dust extraction in Class M, H and H-ASBEST (as per TRGS 519 appendix 7), with tests performed in accordance with the norms, IEC / DIN EN 60335-2-69 / appendix AA.
- set of approved bags for extracting hazardous dusts.

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