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Industrial vacuum cleaner for the collection and removal of gunpowder, explosive powder and cartridge cases


Shooting range

If not removed continuously, gunpowder, explosive powder and cartridge cases residues in shooting ranges or military warehouses and centers can pose a risk to human health – and so to the staff, the customers and all those directly or indirectly coming into contact with this material.

Gun shooting

Why are gunpowder and cartridge cases considered hazardous materials?

Gunpowder is made of, among others, lead and barium nitrate. These substances can be found in ammunitions, bullets and trigger ammunition.
When hitting surfaces such as ceilings, floors and walls, the bullet releases lead dust mixed with the lubricants used on the firearm, consequently dispersing into the air.
Residues in circumscribed spaces such as shooting ranges or military warehouses and centers must be properly and constantly removed, otherwise they may pose a risk to human health, both if inhaled and as explosive ignition sources.
Cartridge cases

The importance of cleaning

The most common cleaning operations made to remove unexploded power residues from firing positions in shooting ranges are:

  • the use of an absorbent material, later removed along with the dust and incinerated
  • good ventilation of the rooms (essential)
  • non-certified/compressed air tools or dry cleaning with a broom and dustpan which, instead of collecting the material, disperse it into the environment.

However, all these solutions are not sufficient or safe: it is essential to be provided with a system able to guarantee constant and meticulous cleaning and so to safely eliminate any visible traces or residues of deposited dust. To do so, the best solution is a certified vacuum cleaner for the removal of harmful and explosive material.

Vacuum cleaner to collect explosive dusts

Delfin solution: ATEX Z22 certified 802BL INERT vacuum cleaner

Delfin has designed the most suitable solution for shooting ranges; military warehouses and centers, the 802BL Z22 INERT, which is:

  • Practical

  • Solid

  • User-friendly, even in narrow spaces

  • Perfectly safe for applications involving the use of explosive dust and gunpowder/ cartridge cases.

Why so? Because the MTL802BL Z22 INERT makes use of a water bath immersion system for powders. This system avoids accidental triggers which may be caused by the suctioning of unexploded gunpowder during cleaning and maintenance operations.

Inerting solution

Inert fluid system: the safest and the most practical way to deal with explosive powders

The vacuumed powders are submerged in an inert bath and filtered by means of a PPL filter which guarantees an additional protection level and simplifies the removal of the collected material.
Delfin mtl802

MTL802BL Z22 INERT main features

Delfin MTL802BL Z22 INERT vacuum cleaner guarantees a healthy environment and is totally safe thanks to its structure:
  • Atex 22 certified
  • Double filtration: oilproof cartridge and PPL filter
  • Brushless motor head: no brushes are installed on this motor, which makes it safe for the vacuuming of the explosive material even in continuous duty and in areas at risk of explosion
  • grounding
  • stainless steel structure
  • Ø40 antistatic accessory kit included as standard
  • Electromechanical floating device for minimum liquid level control
  • Optional fixed attachment tool for floor cleaning, for better handling and practical use
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