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Toner and fine dust extraction

Toner is a very fine powder whose particles contain carbon, iron oxides and resin.
It is used in printers, photocopiers and fax machines.

Originally it consisted solely of coal dust, and was combined with a polymer at a later date to improve performance.

Toner printers release airborne particles whose size can vary from 1 to 1/10 μm (more recently particles of up to 23/1000 microns have been detected). When inhaled, these micro particles can create serious health problems for the sanitation workers whose job it is to recycle or dispose of the toner, as well as damage to the environment.

Standard protection guidelines and precautionary measures to combat the effects of high exposure to toner dust are:
- put equipment in a large well-ventilated place
- do not direct the exhaust vents towards people
- service the equipment on a regular basis

Recommendations in the event of heavy exposure:
- clean appliances with a vacuum cleaner fitted with certified filtration
- do not use compressed air devices
Toner and fine dust extraction


Delfin supplies many companies in the recycling sector with industrial vacuum units for sucking up toner dust, which is produced when laser printer and photocopier cartridges are regenerated.

Thanks to an industrial vacuum cleaner, it is now possible to clean, empty and refill cartridges in a way that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and above all, safe.
It is important for industrial vacuum cleaners used for toner extraction to have the following characteristics:
- a Class M (medium filtration) high surface area filter
- additional HEPA filter to ensure 100% dust filtration

202ds vacuum cleaner with absolute filter


Industrial 2-motored vacuum cleaner, extremely compact, easy to transport and featuring a 3m² polyester filter for dusts in Class M. The additional HEPA filter guarantees 100% filtration of toner dust.

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