Icone solution cOFFEE, TEA & TOBACCO

Vacuum and transport solutions for manufacturers of coffee, tea & tobacco

Coffee, tea and tobacco are products that require 100% hygiene during the production processes in order to produce products of the highest quality.

Coffee roasting plants, tea/tobacco processing machinery, and packaging and boxing apparatus are all production elements that require constant maintenance to keep efficiency high and ensure maximum quality. During the production processes, there is a loss of raw material. This can build up in the proximity of machinery and, as well as being dangerous, it results in economic loss.
vacuum and transport solutions for manufacturers of coffee, tea & tobacco


Equipping your industrial plant with industrial vacuums or centralised extraction systems makes economic sense. This type of application requires medium power vacuum cleaners, but with high filtration capacity, due to the extremely fine nature of the dust produced.

Delfin provides dedicated extraction solutions for processing lines involved in the production of coffee beans, tea and tobacco. Thanks to the large number of construction options available, these can be customised according to needs:
- filters for fine dust and HEPA filters;
- total or partial construction in stainless steel, ideal for direct contact with food;
- option of direct bagging or various discharge systems for the collected material;
- possibility to integrate the vacuum cleaner directly on machinery for continuous suction during processes

pneumatic transport for coffee


Every producer has to tackle the problem of transporting coffee or the semi-finished product efficiently and hygienically from one production department to the next. Delfin's pneumatic conveyors respond perfectly to this need, providing transport that is 100% hygienic, and ensuring the quality of your product is not compromised. Delfin’s pneumatic conveyors can be configured according to requirement and their role in the production process.


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