5 Reasons to choose a Delfin Centralized Vacuum System


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In companies and production areas where there is a need to vacuum in large workplaces, with large distances to be covered, in several places at the same time and often on several levels, a centralized vacuum system is the most effective solution to adopt. Delfin's centralized vacuum system makes it possible to remove material at different points in the company, even from machinery integrated into the production process, and to collect it all in a single point in the company for easy disposal or recovery.

Delfin centralized vacuum systems, therefore, make it possible to improve company productivity and at the same time improve working conditions and worker safety standards. Let's get to know five of the many advantages of having a Delfin centralized vacuum system:

  • Maximum cleanliness guaranteed
  • Tailor-made system
  • High-efficiency filtration
  • Safe material collection
  • Simultaneous multi-point extraction

Maximum cleanliness guaranteed

A centralized vacuum system is the best solution to increase the levels of cleanliness within your business, while meeting safety standards. Centralized vacuum systems can help your business and workers maintain a safe environment, removing potentially toxic dust that can cause lung disease or collect combustible dust that threatens the entire production area.

Tailor-made system

A Delfin centralized vacuum system, also known as CVS, is customised according to the power and characteristics of the suction unit and the specific working conditions. Each centralized vacuum system must be designed according to the specific dimensions and characteristics of the area in which it is to be installed, and the suction performance required.

High-efficiency filtration

Centralized plants can be equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to capture specific types of dust. These filters are not only important for maintaining clean air in the production area, but also for the long-term maintenance of the machinery. In case of combustible dust, CVS equipment can also be complemented with anti-static filters to help prevent disasters, protecting your workers and your company.

Safe material collection

Collecting and disposing of dust and vacuumed material becomes a simple job with centralized vacuum systems. Delfin uses several systems on its centralized vacuum systems for efficient material collection and discharge. Such as removable containers, Bag in Bag Out systems, Endless Bag secure bagging systems, or continuous discharge reels.

Simultaneous multi-point extraction

In large production areas, it is typical to need to cover large distances or clean several areas at the same time. When fully optimised, a CVS allows workers to operate suction from several points at once, providing time convenience and cleaning efficiency, making the working environment clean and safe.

Delfin development and support 

A centralized Delfin system requires careful and expert design by our team which will bring enormous benefits to users over time:

  • Less time spent on cleaning work environments 
  • Avoid downtime in the production cycle
  • Increased working autonomy in the production process
  • The possibility of simultaneous suction in several points of the building
  • Practicality and versatility of the system at a low cost
  • Silent operation, reduced footprint and easy system maintenance
  • Location of material collected in the most convenient and safe place
By choosing a Delfin centralized vacuum system you will have a dedicated team, which will follow you through all stages of the process, from analysis, to design, installation and service, ensuring maximum customisation of the system.

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