Avoid product contamination thanks to our colored accessories !


Product contamination has always been the biggest concern for supply chain managers in food industry.

To use an industrial vacuum cleaner for cleaning of production area is the best solution to guaranty the product quality and safe for the customer. Most of the time the different production areas need to to use a different industrial vacuum cleaner with different goals, taking the risk to contaminate the different productions. The new accessories with color code make it easier for the workers and cancel the risks !

Color code: an important ally against product contamination

Now, to use a color code in food industry is totally integrated into the food industry HACCP normative to guaranty the product quality and to avoir the stop of the production. You need to use them:
- to simplify the recognition of the use of each accessory
- to track the different activities on each accessory for determined use
- to improve the tool organization in production area
- to assure the best quality of the production and to cancel the risk of contamination between different products or external agents

Accessories for Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners with color code

The new accessories line of Delfin is here to simplify any requirements in food industry. Available in different shapes and colors, FDA approved, adapted for food contact and autoclavable for sterilization.
The safest suction solution for food industry.


28 February

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