Central vacuum system: the easy solution to improve production efficiency in industrial environments


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central vacuum system is a must-have for industries struggling to maximize their production efficiency. Its integration in production lines allow to minimize maintenance and down times in any production line. 

Central vacuum system or wheeled/mobile industrial vacuum cleaner?

There is not a single answer. The choice depends on the application and on the degree of customization you require for your product.

A centralized solution allows:
  • To clean from several vacuuming points simultaneously
  • To simplify and speed up plant maintenance protocols
  • To integrate dust/waste control directly on production machineries
  • Full customization to meet the suction requirements of the plant
A mobile industrial vacuum cleaner guarantees:
  •  High versatility (use your vacuum in accordance with your daily needs)
  • More flexibility in terms of transportability
  • Lower initial costs.

Central vacuum systems components

A central vacuum system is made of different units, each one with specific purposes:
  • Suction unit: the suction unit is the core of the system and it is composed of a pump. The power of the pump is determined by both the distance the material has to travel and the number of vacuuming points which must work simultaneously.
  • Filter unit: the filter unit is a hopper or a pre-separator equipped with polyester filters (sleeve, cartridge or star shaped) and an automatic filter cleaning system. These systems allow the users to choose the best filtering solution to their needs.
  • Collection unit: often integrated with the filter unit, the collection unit allows the discharge of the collected material into a selected point (roll-out containers, bins, big-bags, disposable bags) by means of a specific discharge system (rotovalve, flap, butterfly valve)
  • Piping and suction inlets: strategically placed inside production areas, inlets and pipings allow the connection of accessories needed to perform cleaning and other vacuuming tasks.

Central vacuum systems maintenance

The requires minimum maintenance and allows you not to waste precious time during the production cycle.
The only maintenance check required is for the filter. The filter cleaning system maximizes the efficiency of the filter. It is recommended to replace it every 2 years (depending on usage and working conditions) to guarantee the maximum duration and maintenance of the system 

Delfin central vacuum systems for production plants and industrial applications

Thanks to its 27 years experience, Delfin is perfectly able to engineer and install complete central vacuum systems tailored on customer’s needs.
  •  Dedicated R&D department
  •  Internal production of every component of the system
  •  Wide range of ATEX-certified equipment
  •  Patented dimensioning software
  •  International technical and sales network
  •  Complete service and aftersales
  •  Several spare parts always available on stock  
Test our products and ask us for a free quotation for your customized solution!

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