The handling of coffee


During the production and packaging processes in the roasting plant, the handling of coffee in its various forms such as green/raw, roasted or ground coffee is one of the most delicate and important phases of the process.
The transport system used to bring the coffee from one production line to another must guarantee the right performance in terms of quantity, preservation, efficiency and hygiene, but must be chosen carefully taking into account the characteristics that the final product must have. 

Why choose pneumatic transport?

Pneumatic conveying is certainly the most flexible, economical and hygienic solution for the handling of coffee in various forms (and other food powders) within a production department, allowing to easily automate and connect the various process machinery, increasing the plant productivity up to 30%.

Compared to mechanical conveyors the pneumatic conveyor guarantees:

  • Preservation of the product avoiding the grain breakage
  • No organoleptic alteration of the transported product
  • Reduction of overall dimensions in the production area
  • High flexibility of use
  • Minimum maintenance costs

Pneumatic conveying of dense or diluted coffee?

A pneumatic conveyor can be configured in dense or diluted phase, depending on the type of material to be transported and the stage of the production process.
Dense phase pneumatic conveying is ideal for transporting ground coffee, in beans suitable for grinding or soluble coffee over medium distances.
The pneumatic conveyor in diluted phase is ideal to handle in a delicate way the product making it float inside the pipes with the aim to preserve its integrity.  

The most requested transport solutions in roasting plants are:


The raw coffee beans must be transported in quantity and speed to the roasting machine maintaining their integrity for the roasting process, fundamental to give aroma and taste to the final product, whatever the form in which it will be proposed.
The conveyor in this case must move the beans quickly to optimize the performance of the production line by increasing the hourly quantity roasted.  At the same time, the waste of raw coffee is reduced to a minimum as possible spillages from the bag inside the department are eliminated.
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The grinding phase of the coffee beans requires a constant and efficient feeding of the machine, guaranteeing at the same time the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics and the aroma of the product. The conveyor must guarantee a long life in continuous operation and a very high reliability.

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    The packaging machine must always be fed by sufficient quantities of coffee, ground or beans, in order to maximize the productivity of the plant. The feeding needs of the machine in this case will be different depending on the product, in order to preserve its characteristics:
    - The coffee beans will have to be conveyed in a delicate way inside the packaging machine, in order to maintain its integrity;
    - The ground coffee on the contrary can be loaded into the machine with faster conveyors and able to preserve all the organoleptic properties obtained from the roasting process.
    - The soluble coffee will be loaded with pneumatic conveyors in dense phase to eliminate the possibility of de blending the product, thus maintaining its quality.


    During all phases of coffee processing the need for storage often arises. The pneumatic conveyors in this case have the function to take the product directly from the machine and bring it automatically in the storage silo or in the Big Bag.
    Delfin is also able to feed several storage points starting from a single picking point.

    Coffee transport solutions by Delfin

    Delfin offers the widest range of pneumatic conveying solutions, equipped with electric or pneumatic motors with load capacities up to 3,000 kg/h.


Electrical single-phase or three-phase (1 to 17kW).
Compressed air with multi-nozzles Venturi (4 to 15 nozzles).


In polyester certified for food contact.
Stainless steel AISI316.
Automatic filter cleaning systems.


With product inlet from 40mm to 100mm diameter.
Load capacity from 8 to 80 liters.


from 100mm to 250mm.
continuous or intermittent discharge.

Thanks to a dedicated team, Delfin is able to develop customized solutions to maximize the productivity of your roasting plant.

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