In the construction industry, many material and surface processing operations are carried out using machinery. Cutting tiles, sanding surfaces, removing layers of cement, drilling holes in walls are just a few examples that have one common result: the generation of very fine dust, which becomes the main feature on all construction sites. The work of sanders, scarifiers or milling machines inevitably generates a residue of dust that can risk compromising the final result if not removed effectively.
Moreover, these processes often involve a type of toxic dust that can pose a hazard for the operator exposed to it. Crystalline silica, for example, is one of the most common carcinogenic dusts in the construction industry that is developed from the processing of bricks, mortar, cement, stone, ceramics, slate and concrete.
The protection of operators by PPE is fundamental and regulated by specific laws on the subject.
Sometimes, however, the amount of dust to be removed is so great that it requires the use of machinery that can easily and effectively vacuum up the material, preventing it from being dispersed in the working environment.


For over 30 years, Delfin has been producing and selling industrial vacuum cleaners capable of extracting and vacuuming up dust of different particle sizes and quantities.
The range of vacuum cleaners for the construction industry, specifically, has been developed with the support of industry professionals who have tested Delfin machines in use in combination with their work tools.
Thanks to the compactness and versatility of Delfin vacuum cleaners and the dedicated accessories available, it is possible to connect the vacuum cleaner to the sanding or milling machine, extraction directly at the source of dust creation. Direct extraction allows for convenient use for the operator, who does not have to carry out any cleaning work later, and ensures that dust is not dispersed into the working environment.
The vacuumed material can be easily disposed of thanks to the various collection systems available, such as removable containers on wheels or airtight bags. The collection containers, made entirely of painted steel, can collect up to 100 litres of material. Collection bags, on the other hand, come to the rescue especially when vacuuming up toxic materials, which must not come into contact with the operator even during disposal. The Delfin Endless Bag system accumulates the collected product in PVC bags, which are also available in an antistatic version and are sealed with ties. 
The wide range of filters available for installation in the machine body ensures maximum extraction performance and absolute safety for operators. Depending on the dust particle size, you can choose the perfect M- or H-class filter, including antistatic. The filters purify the air leaving the vacuum cleaner by retaining the finest dust particles and provide a level of protection for the engine, which can also work continuously for a long period of time.
The integrated filter cleaning system, which is available on all Delfin vacuum cleaners, is an essential element of the vacuum cleaner, as it allows the filter to maintain a consistently high filtration efficiency. The cleaning systems are different, manual or automatic, and follow the specific needs of each user.


The continuous innovation in industrial extraction required for the construction industry has resulted in the CLEAR-AUT range of vacuum cleaners. In fact, this system was created to meet the need for efficiency in terms of filtering the finest and most contaminating dust and for long operations.
The CLEAR AUT filter cleaning system keeps the filter cartridges inside the vacuum cleaner in constant motion through continuous vibration. This automation allows the operator to limit manual filter cleaning operations, allowing work to be carried out without interruption.
The vibration of the CLEAR AUT system is carried out on two antistatic M-class elliptical cartridge filters, designed with this innovative shape to create a larger filter surface area. The constant movement applied to the cartridges keeps them at a high filtration level at all times, preventing the release of fine dust back into the environment and further protecting the engine, which will have a longer service life.
Should you then wish to carry out further filter cleaning, you can press the button on the machine head to activate deeper cleaning. In fact, this system automatically shuts down the motors for 12 seconds, cutting off vibration on the filters in the absence of material extraction. After 12 seconds, the motors are sequentially reactivated, restarting extraction.


The CLEAR AUT system is installed on the DM3, one of the best sellers in the Delfin range. Compact, versatile and functional, it is the ideal vacuum cleaner for direct suction on processing machinery in the construction industry. Available with a 45-litre painted steel container or with airtight Endless bags. Suction is generated by 3 powerful single-phase by-pass motors, which start sequentially, one after the other, when switched on, avoiding possible current peaks.

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