Guidelines for the use and maintenance of your industrial vacuum cleaner: 10 tips to extend its service life!



Industrial vacuum cleaners are fundamental tools to carry out scheduled maintenance and cleaning of industrial environments.

Their regular use is essential to
- Increase productivity
- Increase production efficiency
- Increase the safety of the working environment

Frequent and prolonged use may compromise performance and efficiency.
Nevertheless, it is possible to significantly extend the useful life of a vacuum cleaner by following a few guidelines.

10 tips to extend the service life of your industrial vacuum cleaner:

  • 1. Use the filter shaking system at the end of each vacuuming operation. By doing so, the suction unit will be protected from dust by the filter, without any obstruction to air passage.
  • 2. Periodically check the integrity of the filter to also check the integrity of the suction unit.
  • 3. While using the vacuum cleaner, do not bend the hose excessively in order to avoid negative pressure losses and consequently reduce suctioning performance.
  • 4. Do not submerge the hose completely inside the material while suctioning. Some air must always pass through the hose in order to guarantee suctioning performance.
  • 5. Vacuum cleaners with by-pass motors are designed for intermittent and occasional use, in general 3 working hours per day is the maximum tolerated time.
  • 6. Periodically check the condition of the gaskets. Damaged seals cause significant performance losses as well as possible leakage of material.
  • 7. Always check the integrity of the hose used to vacuum material.
  • 8. Always check the condition of the wheels, especially when vacuuming heavy material.
  • 9. Choose the proper accessories for each specific application in order to both speed up work and prevent any possible problem caused by wrong accessories.
  • 10. Store the vacuum cleaner in a clean environment after using.

By following these simple maintenance steps, your Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner will surely be an excellent and reliable working partner for decades.


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