How can I produce cement by saving time and money?


Risks of cement production

Cement factories - 5 steps to follow in cement production:
  • Raw material extraction
  • Raw material crush and storage
  • Raw material baking
  • Cement crush and storage
  • Packaging and transport of the material

For each step, a large quantity of fine cement powder is produced and released in the air. Then, this powder lays down all over the plant (on production machines, trucks, buildings, workers), consequently posing a serious threat to workers’ health, production efficiency and the environment. When necessary, the machines are even stopped to be cleaned, consequently causing unexpected costs - up to the 20% of the total amount of the cement production – and undermining business’ sustainability.

Advantages of constant cleaning

Constantly cleaning production lines and plants from dust and powders will bring:
  • Production increase: massive cleaning allows both to keep process lines on full service and to increase the production rate.
  • Downtime reduction: Fast and safe cleaning of the plant prevents downtimes and avoids efficiency losses.
  • Material cost reduction: Suction allows to recover cement dust leaks provoked by packaging process.

Our solution: Mobile and fixed solutions

Delfin has designed a specific range of solutions for cement dust:
  • Heavy duty side channel blower for continuous work
  • High efficiency M class filter system (1 micron) to reduce the risk of clogging
  • Automatic filter cleaning system to guarantee constant suction performances
  • Possibility to handle large quantities of heavy and sticky powder
  • Equipment suitable for mobile purposes or to be used in centralized vacuum system
  • Possibility to choose separators to increase collection capacity


28 February

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