MICROTEC: the new compact vacuum cleaner conceived for Electronics Industry


Delfin is proud to present you its small-sized but highly efficient vacuum cleaner designed for Electronics Industry: the Microtec.

Thanks to the reduced size (35 x 36 x 50h cm), this vacuum cleaner is very suitable to recover small quantities of fine dustsdirectly on Electronics and Semiconductors Industries’ workbenches.

The reduced size makes Microtec suitable for any application requiring both power and filtering efficiency but still with the minimum encumbrance.
Thanks to the excellent upstream and downstream filtration efficiency, but also to the total steel construction (stainless steel: optional), Microtec offers the best value for money to suck small quantities of product in civil and industrial environments - in Electronics Industry in particular, for specific applications.

When it comes to suction, different needs might emerge in the Electronics Industry. During printed circuits production, it is fundamental to continuously recover fine dusts and waste material, results of different processes, such as drilling or printing. In Semiconductors Industry instead, the most frequent need is to suck toxic dust (silicon dust, for instance).
This dust absolutely must not come into contact with operators or be suspended in the working environment. In this case, the suction shall be localized and the industrial vacuum cleaner shall be provided with enough filtration levels to avoid releasing fine dusts into the environment.

Main assets:
  • Space-saving and very easy to move
  • Solid and long-lasting
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Safe dust disposal after suction
  • Vacuum gauge to monitor filter efficiency
  • Maximum security levels, even with very fine dusts


After twenty years of experience in the industrial suction field, Delfin has designed a range of products able to satisfy even the most demanding customers of the Electronics market:
- Easy to assemble/ disassemble and so easy maintenance
- Filter bags provided with safety cap to guarantee maximum safety levels

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