Minimizing the risk of contamination in the food industry


How to do it with industrial vacuum solutions

Production labs and lines, as well as the whole processing environment in the food industry are constantly at risk of contamination. Even though, all food processing companies face this problem through extremely stringent policies to control the contaminants, temperature, humidity and other factors, it is virtually impossible to build and maintain an environment completely free of contaminants, as long as there is people who have to work inside. However, although it is almost impossible to totally control an environment, you can define and maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness in different areas.

How to reduce the risk of contamination in the food industry?

  • Cleaning with an industrial vacuum cleaner is definitely the most simple and effective response. Quiet, efficient and reliable, Delfin's industrial vacuum cleaners for the food industry can be divided into four main categories:
  • wet and dry vacuums for general cleaning purposes
  • ATEX certified vacuum cleaners for cleaning in areas at risk of explosion: typically required and used in mills, bakeries, sugar refineries and wherever there is an ATEX rated environment
  • Modular industrial vacuum cleaners suitable for integration into OEM equipment
  • centralized vacuum systems: designed according to customer needs, are the most efficient and effective solution to clean and / or carry large quantities of materials from an area of the plant to another.

All of Delfin's industrial vacuum cleaners are engineered as required by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and feature smooth surfaces with no sharp edges or cavities to avoid dust deposits.
Delfin's industrial vacuums guarantee:

  • maximum quality of the finished product: removing dust from production equipment means avoiding contamination and the highest quality of the finished product.
  • Eliminate downtime: both a mobile industrial vac and a centralized vacuum system allow to reduce to a minimum the time of cleaning, thus avoiding having to stop production for the sanitation of the equipment.
  • Maximum protection of workers: certified filters, comfortable and functional accessories, guarantee the absence of dust in the air and the overall health of the environment, while providing a pleasant user experience.
  • ATEX certified Safety: Delfin's ATEX vacuum cleaners prevent any possibility of ignition and explosion of powders such as flour, sugar, cereal, etc.

Delfin provides industrial vacuum cleaners, ATEX vacuum cleaners and centralized systems to multinational companies in the food industry, as well as small workshops with the same care and attention.
The goal is not only to provide a product, but real industrial solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of companies, as well as the lives of those who use them.

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