Using the right equipment for floor and surface preparation, you can protect operators against fine and hazardous dusts in construction.


Fine dusts in Construction

Companies working in construction and use floor machines (for example: floor grinders, scarifiers and shotblasters) produce a huge amount of fine dusts during the floor preparation and coating process when using materials like cement, concrete, marble, wood, gypsum and stone. These dusts slow down the workflow and are dangerous for workers’ health (even if they are well equipped with protective equipment). These dusts are dangerous and need to be controlled at the source.

Industrial vacuum systems for fine, hazardous dusts

The use of an industrial vacuum system for fine dust, used with the work equipment, is the ideal solution to this kind of problem. These are solid machines with 100% steel and a very high level of filtration capacity, which is essential for effective dust extraction and preventing vacuumed dust from being released back into the working environment.
The most important issues to consider when choosing an industrial vacuum system are:
1. Filtration and cleaning system: H14 certified absolute filters (HEPA) and filter cleaning systems are essential to ensure continuous performance and maximum vacuum safety;
2. Safe handling and disposal of vacuumed dusts;
3. Compactness and transportability: the units must be easily transportable in small vehicles (minivans and vans) for convenience;


Delfin industrial vacuum systems for surface treatment

Delfin has developed specific solutions for surface treatment in the construction industry, thanks to the experience gained and direct collaboration with users.
The range offered includes:
1. Industrial vacuum systems suitable for the suction of fine and toxic powders with superior filtration efficiency (up to 0.18 micron with 99.995% efficiency for HEPA filters) and different filter cleaning systems, to be chosen according to the application: manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems;
2. Vacuum cleaners and separators equipped with Endless Bag secure collection systems for a quick and safe disposal of dusts ;
3. Compact vacuum systems that are compact, to facilitate transport.

Delfin vacuum system options specifically for the treatment of industrial surfaces:

To know more about Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners for surface treatment, please contact our sales department at +0039 011 800 55 00 or visit our website


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