Industrial vacuums guide

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner: the ultimate guide

The industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine used for the general cleaning in industrial environment, as well as many other more specific applications, not necessarily related to simple cleaning.
Industrial vacuums can be of many different types. When the situation so requires, they may be modified or purpose-built for the specific application in which they are to be used. The most common categories of vacuum cleaners are:
  • Commercial vacuum cleaners
  • Wet & dry vacuum cleaners
  • Compact single-phase vacuum cleaners
  • Heavy-duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • High power three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • High vacuum units
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and shavings
  • Air operated vacuum cleaner
  • ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners for fixed extraction on machines (OEM)
  • Vacuum cleaner for continuous recovery of waste and scraps
  • Centralized vacuum systems
  • Dust extraction vacuum cleaners
Commercial vacuum cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners, are typically constructed of steel or plastic of low quality and thickness. They can be found in the large retail chains and are suitable for very occasional use or hobbies. Are not recommended for any professional or industrial application, because, given their very low filtering capacity, filters get clogged almost immediately also from not particularly fine dust, breaking irreparably.
Wet & dry vacuum cleaners

Wet & dry vacuum cleaners

The wet & dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for simultaneous suction of powders, solids and liquids. Depending on the heaviness of the application they can be made of plastic or steel. Delfin builds a line of vacuum cleaners for liquids and powders available both in painted or stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 (required especially in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry). Delfin's wet & dry vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for cleaning contractors and as permanent equipment in car washes. The great structural strength and the consequent reliability make these vacuums for liquids and powders a safe investment for any company.
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Pneumatic conveyors for chemical-pharmaceutical powders

Compact single-phase vacuum cleaners

Delfin 's compact single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are true industrial machines. Built in painted or stainless steel, they can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 single-phase By-pass electric motors, with independent switches, protected by a solid steel headboard, containing sound absorbing material which reduces noise to a minimum during the service. They can be used in any industrial sector, from the recovery of particles of fine dust, to the collection of heavy solids.
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Heavy-duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Heavy-duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

We define single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners those heavy duty vacuums with capacity to collect 50 to 100 lt. They differ from the previous category in the bigger dimensions and the ability to operate in the toughest applications.
Delfin's heavy duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner features the classic yellow and blue and can be equipped with two or three by-pass motors Ametek Lamb.
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Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Solid, capable and powerful, the three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with turbines ranging from 2.2 to 5.5 kw, is characterized by large filter surface and containers between 50 and 100 lt. This vacuum cleaner, which in Delfin's range is represented by 4 models of the DG EXP line, can also be used as a suction unit in small centralized systems, in combination or not with filtering preseparators or hoppers.
The real strength of this type of industrial vacuum cleaner is its reliability. In fact Delfin equips its industrial vacs only with Italian, German or American side channel blowers, which ensure outstanding performance, even in continuous and very heavy applications. The side channel blowers used, moreover, are suitable to work continuously and can work without problems even 24 hours 24 (in these cases it is recommended to adopt a safety valve that protects the turbine from overheating, allowing it to virtually work to infinity) .

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High power three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Heavy duty three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

The high performance industrial vacuum cleaners free themselves from the simple concept of "vacuum cleaner" to become machines for material handling and pneumatic conveying. With their enormous power (turbines up to 25 kW) in fact they can carry powders and solids with many features for tens or hundreds of meters, and then discharge them via hoppers or separators. For this very reason Delfin's Heavy duty three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners , which can be found in the DG HD line, are very often used as a central vacuum unit in centralized vacuum systems. Given the great power these are almost always combined with systems of pre separation and hoppers which are, in turn, designed and constructed based on the needs of the end user.

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High vacuum units

High vacuum units

High vacuum units have incredible high depression in order to collect heavy dust or granular solids dispersed during the manufacturing process, typically in cement plants, steel mills, mining and other heavy industries. The use of these suction units increases the efficiency of the production cycle, allows the saving of considerable resources in terms of both manual labor and in terms of production downtime while it increases the hygiene in the work environment. Furthermore the collection of these materials generates immediate savings because these can be directly replaced in the production process. The industrial high vacuum units are in fact designed for the recovery of large quantities of heavy materials, also of large size.
The incredible effectiveness of these tools allows a rapid return on investment derived from significant savings in terms of manpower and time. Delfin's high vacuum are built with a sturdy steel structure, which protects, inside it, a vacuum pump and a mechanical system extremely simple and at the same time effective. This com
This combination guarantees the absolute reliability of these incredible industrial vacuum systems.

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Industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and shavings

Industrial Vacuums for oil, metal chips and swarf

The industrial vacuum cleaners for the recovery of oil from metal chips and cutting machines are widely-used within the mechanical, automotive and plastics industries. These machines are able to quickly retrieve large amounts of oil mixed with metal shavings directly from the tanks of CNCs or plastic cutting machines. Once recovered, the oil is filtered through a sieve grid, which filters the chips down to approximately 1.5 mm. After this first filtering the oil passes through a polypropylene filter with a 300 micron efficiency and then deposits in a tank of variable capacity from 100 to 700 lt. Once deposited the oil can be immediately re introduced inside the machines and the production cycle through a powerful independent pump that empties the most capable tank in a matter of seconds.
Delfin's Industrial Vacuums for oil, metal chips and swarf, the Tecnoil range therefore gives one the possibility to reuse several times cutting oil and coolant, saving instantly and reducing the cleaning time of collection tanks.

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Pneumatic vacuum cleaner

Industrial air powered vacuum cleaners

Delfin's compressed air operated vacuums generate suction through one or more Venturi ejectors. These ejectors have no moving electromechanical components therefore are extremely reliable and durable. Delfin recommends this type of vacuum cleaners especially for shipyards and applications on board of ships or oil platforms, where the air supply is preferred to electricity. Air operated vacuums guarantee excellent performances and the ability to work continuously, even 24 hours 24.

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Vacuum cleaners for fixed extraction on machines (OEM)

Vacuums for fixed extraction on machines (OEM)

The industries manufacturing production machinery, from the machines for the packaging to those for cutting aluminum, very often have the need to recover small quantities of dust and / or production waste (also scraps), directly to the source and continuously.
These companies, known as Original Equipment Manufacturers, therefore require compact and modular suction units, which also have to be highly customizable depending on the performance required by the specific application. Delfin's units of the DirectX line are the preferred choice of multiple leading manufacturers of industrial machinery, ranging from bottling machines to CNCs.
Delfin has earned this preference thanks to a very high level of flexibility and adaptability to customer requests, each time coming to the creation of the best possible suction unit.

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Vacuum cleaner for continuous recovery of waste and scraps

Vacuums for continuous recovery of waste and scrap

The vacuum units for continuous recovery of scraps are distinguished from most industrial vacuums for their cylindrical shape. These machines are in fact constructed in order to have a large internal volume of collection, as they are mainly used for the continuous recovery of scraps and waste of production on packaging lines or textile machinery. In fact on these machines, scraps are often strips of material, long and light, but very voluminous.
This suction unit is composed of a side channel blower placed on the bottom of the cylinder, above it there is a grid of protection, while the remaining part of the cylinder is covered by a filtering bag, made of filtering material.This bag is fixed thanks to the plug located in the apical part. The bag, when filled with waste and scraps can be easily removed, emptied and replaced.
These vacuum cleaners therefore guarantee the operation of the machines on which they are applied without jams (due to scraps) and minimizing downtime for immediate savings.

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Dust extraction vacuums

Dust, fumes, mist extractors

Many years of experience and the desire to represent the unique specialist in the field of the industrial vacuum, have led Delfin to develop a full range of dust extractors and dedusting systems. From the aspiration of welding fumes, to the extraction and filtration of solvents or powders, Delfin's Airflow line allows users to always find the right solution for their specific application. Furthermore Delfin designs and installs centralized dust collection systems.
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Centralized vacuum system

Centralized vacuum systems

Centralized vacuum systems allows the cleaning, removing and transporting of dust, powders or materials from one area to another, through a series of fixed pipes (normally fixed to the wall), accumulating and discharging them in a chosen point.

Centralized vacuum systems

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