How to clean your industrial oven without any risks ?


In food industry, the priority is to avoid food contamination.
The best way to clean your tools and to prevent food contamination is industrial suction.
In bakeries and pastry factories, production processes can entail incandescent residuals, which might contaminate successive productions. In these fields, industrial oven is the main work tool, which must be always meticulously cleaned to guarantee the highest performance and quality levels.

The importance of cleaning the oven before cooking

To regularly clean the oven means to guarantee a high level of hygiene, a very good efficiencyto extend the lifetime of the oven and to avoid the risk of contamination

The risks of cleaning an industrial oven

The cleaning of an industrial oven must be quick and without any risks for the workers. Most of the time, cleaning an industrial oven is risky because of two reasons:
  • High temperature of the oven and of the material to suck (i.e. hot bread crumbs, which can reach 250°C),
  • The deep of the oven, which makes it difficult and impossible to clean without the using the appropriate equipment

Delfin’s best solution: Mistral 202 DS to clean industrial ovens

Mistral 202 DS is the most suitable solution to suck food materials inside the oven.

The components of the industrial vacuum cleaner 202 DS are made to safely vacuum hot materials up to 250°C.
The industrial vacuum cleaner is made of:
  • NOMEX filter, high temperature resistance
  • thermal and antistatic kit accessories for hot material: red flexible hose, straight connection 430mm D40 mm, connection
  • accessories to clean the back of the oven: oven extension with partial protection
  • full antistatic components
  • optionalAtex certification (zone 21 or 22) for the suction of flour, main ingredient used in bakeries, creating static clouds with the risk of causing explosions.

If you think MTL 202 DS and its components are not suitable for your purposes, please contact us at +0039 011 800 55 00 or send us an email at we will be happy to consider the best customized solution to your needs.


28 February

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