How will Delfin's innovations help customers of the future?

Interview with Dimitri Di Salvo, Delfin sales director


On the occasion of an interview for Easy Engineering magazine, we asked our Sales Director Dimitri Di Salvo how Delfin's solutions will be able to make an impact on the demands of customers in the future.

Which are the most futuristic products/solutions from your portfolio?

Among the most futuristic solutions, one is the range of dust collection and containment extraction units for the pharmaceutical industry, that enable to safely collect and dispose of the highly dangerous powders used in the production of antitumoral pharmaceuticals.
pharmaceutical industry products requires high-end finishing of the stainless steel (GMP), highly efficient filtration (H14/HEPA/ULPA) and a design that matches compact dimensions with easy disassemble for cleaning purposes.
The features of the pharmaceutical tools are intended for preventing even the slightest contact of the operator with the product, and that’s why Delfin Vacuum cleaners are designed to have a safe change of filter and a safe disposal of the collected material, thanks to hermetic bags with BI-BO changing technology.
Another great futuristic solution Delfin provides is the range of machines for application in the
3D Printing industry, with special regard to the control of the risk of explosion with reactive powders such as aluminum and titanium.
With constant R&D investments and development of new technologies we aim to become the top global specialist for industrial vacuum solutions, with specific regard to high-end market segments such as food, pharmaceutical, 3D print, and heavy industries such as steel, and cement.

Tell us about product innovation and how does it impact the future?
Product innovation is an ever-ongoing process that stems from close contact with the users of our products and solutions. Requirements as the ones for the pharmaceutical industry are constantly monitored at the highest level of management, and through the interaction of sales, marketing and R&D translates into a priority list of development projects for new products. Such processes can range from a few months to a couple of years, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

How will product innovation help the customers?

Our products and solutions provide customers with increased safety for the operators and the environment. Moreover, Delfin vacuum cleaners increase production efficiency, resulting from reduced labor cost, higher quality of end products and acceleration of the production processes.

How do Delfin employees shape your company’s future orientation?

Delfin employees shape the company’s future orientation
To live up to our ambitious customer promise, we built an innovative and inspiring company culture, in which everyone can bring his whole person to work.   

How does digital transformation affect your business?

Since several years the integration of our equipment into increasingly digitalized production processes, has brought us to integrate in our systems more of digital features, through devices such as PLCs, remote controls, digital touchscreens.
Not to lose anything on digital transformation and innovation faces, Delfin has a dedicated R&D department that follows projects depending on the type of industry. Some of our R&D engineers focus on developing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, others for the cement or steel plants, others on specific features of our innovative products.
Moreover, Delfin works closely with the famous University of Engineering in Turin (Politecnico di Torino), to source new talents that are highly qualified in engineering and that can constantly improve our product development.

How do you overcome the new challenges and this more competitive environment?
We are not afraid to face the competitive environment and business we are in. We stay ahead of the game, keep listening to customers, improving, innovating and always trying to do better what we do well (Kaizen),
We look for the blue ocean, going for new or uncrowded markets where added value can generate higher profit, rather than trying to follow in where strong competitors are already established.

Tell us about the company’s future strategies and how will you adapt to the future.

We have a vision we adapt to the future strategies staying global, spreading the Delfin culture to our teams and partners globally. We invest on the training of the sales organization and we keep improving and innovating. Dig for data and use them!



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